Your Complete Offshore Business Solution

Amber Business Limited has operated for over 20 years in providing Trust and Corporate services in a wide variety of markets from e-gaming to yacht registration to commercial property acquisation; we can offer a bespoke service to assist with the incorporation and ongoing administering of offshore structures.

Amber are licensed by the Financial Services Authority as a Trust and Corporate Service provider and can offer you a wide range of company, trust and private foundation formation, management and administration, company secretarial and business services tailored to your specific business' needs.

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Our professional and experienced team can support all your offshore business needs, from:-

  • Incorporation of companies, trusts and private foundations in a wide variety of jurisdictions
  • Provision of registered office and registered agent services
  • Provision of professional Directors, Company Secretary, Trustees and Foundation Council
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • Maintenance of the statutory requirements such as filing of Annual Returns and administration of General Meetings
  • Provision of banking facilities available with all major offshore banks, including current, call and deposit accounts, treasury management facilities, letters of credit for international trading operations, (subject to status and due diligence)
  • In association with appropriately licensed professionals, arrangement of broker and investment management facilities, including trading in shares, stocks and other derivatives including options, futures, CFD's and foreign exchange, and access to discretionary, execution-only and portfolio management services
  • Preparation of financial accounts and VAT administration
  • Comprehensive management and administration services

Asset Holding

Amber can provide all the necessary business services to enable assets to be held in a tax efficient manner. Assets may be both income and non-income (capital growth) producing and can include financial investments, including bank deposits, shares and other financial instruments, land & property, yachts, aircraft, motor vehicles, patents & intellectual property or works of art & other chattels, amongst other things.

Financial Solutions

Amber work closely with a range of trusted professional associates to provide advice and solutions which are both tax and VAT efficient. We are able to offer a range of accountancy services from basic bookkeeping to full managed office provision.


Amber have considerable experience in providing corporate structures to suit online gaming operations. We work with a range of professionals such as software providers to ensure a complete solution to your E-Gaming requirements. Amber also work with various Gaming Commissions in respect to the appropriate licensing requirements and so ensure clients E-Gaming operations are fully compliant.

International Trading

The use of an offshore structure between sellers and buyers of products or services in different countries can provide an extremely tax efficient solution to clients of international trading or import/export companies. Depending on the jurisdictions of trade, a VAT tailored trading solution can easily be created as can the use of jurisdictions that offer a network of double-taxation treaties such as Cyprus, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

International Contractor and Expatriate Solutions

Amber can provide a tax efficient solution for international contractors with such diverse backgrounds as the entertainment & film industry, shipping, engineering, oil & gas, telecommunications & IT. By contracting through an offshore structure such contractors can significantly reduce or, in some circumstances, eliminate taxation. Both international contractors and expatriates can utilise offshore structures to accumulate funds held offshore and control taxable remittances back to their normal country of residence.

Land and Property Acquisation

Land or property can be acquired and held within an offshore structure to help minimise the tax burden that can be faced by individuals who buy and sell property in their own name. Using offshore structures to hold land or property can assist with managing capital gains tax, inheritance tax, stamp duty, rental income and property transfer tax. Amber can facilitate property transactions using professional surveyors, lawyers and property agents. We can also assist in obtaining property finance, subject to the usual due diligence required by lenders. Although the United Kingdom remains the favourite country for using offshore structures to hold property, Portugal, Spain and France are also common. Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are also popular jurisdictions for property investment due to their buoyant rental sectors.

Wealth, Estate and Succession Planning

The use of offshore Trusts, Private Foundations and Companies can greatly increase flexibility and mitigate income, capital and inheritance taxes in terms of wealth, estate and succession planning. In civil law jurisdictions (such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy and most of the rest of continental Europe, and most of Latin America) where forced heirship is adopted in domestic legislation the use of an offshore common law jurisdiction, such as the Isle of Man, with modern trust legislation that protects assets against forced heir claims, clients can benefit from increased flexibility to decide how their wealth and estate should be managed on succession. This may be extremely attractive for those clients wishing to preserve family wealth that may have been built up over generations.